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perjantai 25. maaliskuuta 2016

Hiding behind the curtains

We have a really ugly window in our bathroom. It is from the sixties, it has been installed too low and it is simply just ugly. We have tried to find a new (I mean old but new to us) window but there seems to be no small windows to be had anywhere in Finland. At least not the kind we would like and that would suit our house. So...I had to solve the problem somehow and the curtains were the answer. I bought a dark grey fold curtain from Ellos and then some thin full length curtains from Indiska. We installed all the curtains about 40 cm above the window frame to hide the fact that the window is installed too low. And what do you know, it worked! At least when the sun isn't shining, the dark fold curtain does the work rather well. So now I can breath again while trying to find a new window. By the way, the Indiska curtains were a find...they cost in total 14,95 euros and the colour is a perfect match to the paintwork, wallpaper and wooden details (and the best thing of all: there was no need to sew, I just folded the curtains to the tassel tiebacks).

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