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lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2016

Out with the old

For us it is time to pack up Christmas. This time I gathered all the decorations on the living room table before packing them up. It was easier to fit them in the boxes and bags when everything could be seen at the same time. But I kind of didn't realize how many decorations we have..

Have a happy New Year's eve!

maanantai 26. joulukuuta 2016

I see red

There is a lot of red in Vårkulla. This was not an altogether conscious choice, for some reason I just chose red carpets, red beddings etc. Well anyway, in Christmas there is even more red when I buy the Christmas flowers and put out the decorations.

sunnuntai 25. joulukuuta 2016

Space age

My favourite Christmas decorations are these U.S made space ships from the 50's. Would love to get more, these I bought from but maybe I should try to find more in eBay or etsy.

lauantai 24. joulukuuta 2016

White Christmas

No snow, no Santa? Luckily we always have snow (and angels), if need be! Have yourselves a Merry Christmas!

perjantai 9. joulukuuta 2016

No feet on the table

In Christmas our sofa table is full of stuff. You wouldn't believe that I used to love black-white- grey decorations...

torstai 8. joulukuuta 2016

I want a circus for Christmas!

What I want, I usually get. We bought Alessi's circus tin set for ourselves for Christmas. At the moment it is in the kitchen but I have to move it somewhere else after winter. The light in the kitchen is really strong in spring and any colours would fade in there.

keskiviikko 7. joulukuuta 2016

On the cutting edge

Nowadays I love cut flowers. My husband is a bit amazed that now we have tens of vases when we used to have none. As we had a four day stay in the country I splashed out and bought cut flowers for two large arrangements. One below is in the sitting room, the other (same flowers) is in the kitchen.

tiistai 6. joulukuuta 2016

Putting the thinking cap on

Come Christmas and my old glass bottles got new caps and now they look a lot like caraffes. The golden glass bubbles fit right in.

maanantai 5. joulukuuta 2016

Stars in your eyes

There is never too much light in the garden in winter. My husband installed lights to our garden star yesterday and now the shed is a bit easier to find in the dark...

sunnuntai 4. joulukuuta 2016

O holy night

We bought a church candle holder for eighteen candles. It looks rather impressing in the gazebo, I think.

perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2016

Who knows

What do I do with an old traffic sign? I don't know, but it looks rather good. I am not much into blue anymore (the eightie's ruined blue for me), but the sign was rather cheap and how often do you see these in flea markets? Never, is the answer! So of course we had to buy the only one and now it decorates our living room at home.

torstai 1. joulukuuta 2016

My favourite

We found this old hard rye bread advertisement in Mint condition is an understatement, the advert is in perfect condition. I just happen to love Ylhäisten näkkileipä hard bread so it was great to find an old advert. The bread is real hard and the best version has a lot of caraway in it.