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lauantai 31. toukokuuta 2014

Window shopping

We should do something about Vårkulla's windows. They hardly manage to stay put. I love the design and the old glass that makes all kinds of weird reflections but I don't love the fact that you almost can't touch the frames...

perjantai 30. toukokuuta 2014

Not only flowers

I love colourful flowers but I also like hostas. They are great for any place with a little shadow. Don't put them in the sunniest place of the garden!

torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014

Yellow makes you mellow

All yellow in the spring is not a dandelion. There were a lot of these yellow primulas here at Vårkulla when we bought the place. I have moved them from the grass to the borders and they thrive.

keskiviikko 28. toukokuuta 2014

Evening rain

Can't hate the rain, garden looks amazing after a couple of showers!

Romance in the garden

Pink azaleas and lace metal chairs, it doesn't get much more romantic than this.

tiistai 27. toukokuuta 2014

Have an orange (garden)

The japanese quince (Japaninruusukvitteni) is a great bush for spring - it has bright orange flowers that light up the garden.These also make fruits but you'll need two bushes.The only trouble with quinces is that the hares love them. For some reason they left my quince alone this year and I got to enjoy the fabulous flowers.

maanantai 26. toukokuuta 2014

sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

Meanwhile at the cottage

We went to the cottage yesterday to cut the grass - a jungle waited for us! Despite not getting much care this spring, the garden looked great. The rhododendrons are just starting to flower and everything else was freshly green.

lauantai 24. toukokuuta 2014

What a difference a week makes

It is incredible how fast everything grows this spring. On Monday morning you couldn't see any flower buds and just look at them now!

perjantai 23. toukokuuta 2014

torstai 22. toukokuuta 2014

It's a treasure!

I paid 20 euros for this old potato measure and I think it was cheap! I salivated over these at my cousin's on the weekend as she had several in her cowshed. Now I have two...but would need many more to make me really happy :) The owner of the measure lives her summers at an allotment garden area in Ruskeasuo. I have never visited there before, it is a wonderful place! The funny thing was that the old lady was originally from Lapinjärvi which is Vårkulla's neighbouring commune. As the measure used to belong to his father (born in Lapinjärvi), the lady was very happy that the old measure (from 1929) returned almost to home at last.

keskiviikko 21. toukokuuta 2014

Lily of the valley

Our lilies of the valley are really lilies of the valley! These grow on the darkest side of the house (in a valley), they only get some evening light and they really flourish!

tiistai 20. toukokuuta 2014

Nature knows best

Which colours go best together? Green and dark orange of course, just see the primulas below!

maanantai 19. toukokuuta 2014

Good old days

I've said it before and I am saying it again: everything looked better in the golden olden days, here is an example:

We found this in our shop's storage. It was very dirty but after cleaning it up the beautiful colours pop out. They don't make herring tins like this any more!

sunnuntai 18. toukokuuta 2014

At last!

It is getting greener every day. The lilacs's have biggest leaves - as they should as they start flowering before midsummer.

lauantai 17. toukokuuta 2014

A cool way to keep your coffee warm

When you start obsessing about how things look, your life gets difficult very easily. As the 80's steel is so over, there was a void on the coffee table: how to keep coffee warm without ruining the table setting. Well, thank you Stelton for the beautiful Emma thermos and thank you Stockmann for this weekend's 20 % price cut of all household items.

perjantai 16. toukokuuta 2014

Who needs diamonds

My husband bought me two new wheelbarrows and I can't think of a better present!

torstai 15. toukokuuta 2014


Turqoise is my new favourite colour. I like it greenish, blueish, dark and light.

keskiviikko 14. toukokuuta 2014

Why do they all die?

I have no luck with sedums. I have managed to kill almost all of them at the cottage and the future doesn't seem to be very bright for these poor ones at Vårkulla. They love dry earth and sunshine - just maybe it is not my fault they die, last autumn and winter were very wet!

tiistai 13. toukokuuta 2014

Waiting for flowers

First it was very warm and I was worried that the bulbs will flower and die in days. Now it is cold and rainy and it seems that the bulbs never open. Just a few tulips were on their way on the weekend.

maanantai 12. toukokuuta 2014

Can't wait

I ordered two plant stands from We are going to try these as stands for loudspeakers. If this works, I'll be exultant as I have never (before) seen any nice stands for loudspeakers. And, well, if this doesn't work, I'll still be a happy camper as I'll have two brand new plant stands. A win-win situation, if there ever was one!

Picture by Ferm Living.

lauantai 10. toukokuuta 2014

torstai 8. toukokuuta 2014

Under the dome

As the Easter is long gone, I decided to change the decorations in the glass dome to less seasonal ones.

keskiviikko 7. toukokuuta 2014

The darker the better

The dark frame of this painting makes the clours to pop out. In kitchen I have another dark frame, its almost black and the turqoise painting looks really good. The more usual golden frames don't have this effect.

tiistai 6. toukokuuta 2014

Old and new

There is a nice shop in Kotka that sells both old and new stuff. The shop is called Tamburiini Last time we bought this ad as the colours suit our kitchen.

maanantai 5. toukokuuta 2014

Shopkeeper's dream

Our shop's floor is painted green and all old wall boards are taken off. Now we can start furnishing and soon we can organize a flea market weekend! (Who cares that the windows are almost dropping off and the door lets the sunshine in from all the wrong places).

sunnuntai 4. toukokuuta 2014

Art from Ikea

We found this bird postcard from Ikea (the frame is from Ikea, too). The colours match our still-not-repainted attic door perfectly. I bought the frame for its yellow accent as this would suit the planned greenish colours of the hall, but it seems to work before the renovation, too.

lauantai 3. toukokuuta 2014

Tastes like cardboard

We found the rack at our shop and after cleaning it up we filled it with these old chocolate bars. Or they are not really chocolate, they are filled with cardboard and meant to be used as marketing material. My brother found them at flea market and bought them for us.

perjantai 2. toukokuuta 2014

Use your glasses...

As you may have noticed, I have several big glass jars and bottles. In winter I had Christmas lights in them but somehow they don't work for spring. So trying something else here:

torstai 1. toukokuuta 2014

Spring at the cottage

We went to the cottage yesterday to move some perennials to Vårkulla. It is still spring there, at Vårkulla you could almost say it is summer!