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perjantai 19. helmikuuta 2016

Morning coffee

It should be easy to buy a new coffee maker, but isn't. Our requirements: hot coffee (we put cold milk into the cup and the coffee must still burn your tongue), only one button (don't want to get confused in the morning), no separate parts (of which one you can't find and others fall from your stiff hands), simple design (no curves, no stripes, no "perky" colours)  and big enough to make 10 cups of coffee but small enough to fit on your kitchen work top and in addition we don't want to pay hundreds of euros for the thing. I almost cried when our Braun coffee maker broke at Vårkulla (after about ten years of service). We went to several stores and found nothing to replace it. Then we went to Prisma and found a new version of our beloved Braun KF 47/1. Now we are happy again!

Photo by Braun

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