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sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2016

I love shopping (in flea markets)

This was a great summer vacation day! We visited Hämeenlinna and bought a lot of stuff for the shop museum. Here are some of the items: hair water, leather paints, coffee tins etc. I love the 50's chair as I need one when I keep the shop and museum open - I don't want to stand the whole day and it is nicer to sit in a chair from the right era :)

In addition to the finds above, we are especially glad that we found an old shop coffee grinder from the 50's/early 60's (photo follows on a later day). I found it when I browsed in the car when driving to Hämeenlinna.

In addition to visiting several flea markets, we also visited an adorable shop museum in Janakkala; the Hyvikkälän kauppamuseo. We strongly recommend for you to visit there too! Here is the link to their Facebook page, link.

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