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maanantai 18. tammikuuta 2016

Don't be a wall flower

Unlike to carpets, we are spolied for choice when it comes to wallpaper. All (Swedish) wallpaper companies have released 1800's collections in this year. Our favourite for Vårkulla's living room is at the moment Sandberg's (link...) Edvin black. I might like a paper with flowers and/or birds with exotic colours but as it would be rather hard to convince my husband to agree we just might get on with the one we already agree on. In any case I want every room in Vårkulla to be different. At the moment the kitchen is gray, the hall green, bedroom golden brown and the bathroom muddy brown (or grey). The living room will either be very dark (as in Edvin black) or then very colourful.

photo: Sandberg

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