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maanantai 20. heinäkuuta 2015

Shopping for a museum

I got an idea last weekend. I want to open a little shop museum in our shop someday. I need to sell some more flea market stuff before we have room for a museum in one corner of the shop.

We already have a 50's sales counter, cash register, table calculator, a slicer, lots of coffee tins, a couple of nappies (these were found in the back room of the shop, they have been sold in our shop tens of years ago), cardboard chocolate bars (my brother found these, they have been used as marketing material in shops, just right for our museum!)  etc.

Last weekend we found the sweet tin below. It is at the latest from 1960 as SOK Vaajakoski changed its name to Panda in 1961. The hunt goes on! I'll be sure to tell you when we open the museum (if ever).

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