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torstai 28. toukokuuta 2015

Home sweet home

Aspens (haapa in Finnish) are not my favourite trees for the garden. If you fell one it grows a thousand shoots and if you don't fell it then your garden is bound to have a lot of rubbish during most of the year - the seed pots are large and have to be raked, the leaves moulder really slowly so they have to be raked and the big trees fell a lot of branches that have to be raked. I guess you've got it - if you have aspens in your garden, you have to rake a lot, all the time. In addition to this, almost nothing can be planted under them as they need a lot of energy and water. There is one thing speaking for them though: the big trees very often have holes in the trunk and birds love to nest in these. Here is an example...we can't go and fell someone's home, can we?

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